Lactose Free Milk🥛…is it really 🤔

Lactose Free Milk🥛…is it really 🤔

Like many out there today who doesn’t love a nice glass of milk🥛? Then…..there are those of us that can’t enjoy our milk like we would want to, because it gives our tummy the blues 🤨.

I had actually stopped drinking homogenized milk period because of the discomfort afterwards. So I thought about trying lactose free milk. I know some articles I have read stated that all lactose free doesn’t mean completely dairy free. Okay I could try to live with that, as long as I could enjoy my milk just a little.

Within the last few months, I have been trying some of the store brands lactose free milk. I have purchased store brand lactose free from three different stores. Well it was just like me having regular homogenized milk but worse😐. I wanted to look at this as an isolated incident🙄, especially after I had the first encounter with the first store brand. My thoughts were like hmmm…did they put the wrong milk in this container🧐. I didn’t think much about buying the next store brand because it was a different store and a different week. The next store brand was the same result, terrible discomfort. The store brands were purchased on several different occasions and from different stores between me buying name brand lactose free milk. I have never had any discomfort with the name brand.

So for me, this means trying to save a buck sometimes is not worth it. I purchase store brand products all of the time and they are not bad. This milk situation just has me puzzled 😕 when it comes to the store brands. I am going to look a little more into this, because I would like to know what is causing this discomfort especially for me.

This was just a little something I wanted to share.

Until Next Time

2Busy Mamma✌️


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